Cluny Strachan: Composer for Film and Televsion
email: Mobile: 07814 380 696
"Cluny Strachan's score, oscillating between dreamy chorales of a Howard Skempton and the incessant rhythms of Goldie, bespeaks a composer who knows what he wants and is happy to plunder as many different types of music as he needs to get it." Robert Dawson Scott, The Guardian

About Cluny Strachan

I am an EMI PRS associate composer writing and producing original themes, incidental soundtracks, and titles sequences for film and television documentary, and drama.

I have written for IWC and Mentorn for BBC, BBC Scotland, Channel 5, and Discovery. As an integral part of the 6 series I have contributed to, my film music has been repeated many times on a number of TV channels around the world. I use the latest instrument sample technology, and have access to a wide range of instrumental talent, and sound production resources.
I hope very much you find my music of interest. I love getting behind a new brief, and I am available for work. 
Digital Media Producer
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With an education and professional background in multimedia practice and performance, and as a consequence of my work in digital marketing, commercials, technology, graphic design, the arts, education, and media, I have developed skills in digital content creation software, and project coordination. These skills include website and blog design, Human Computer Interaction website assessment and consultation, research, filmmaking, Adobe Creative Suite, and journalistic copy.

This site is my online broadcast platform from which I present and contextualise my media, music and technology skills towards helping others develop their online presence, and digital marketing content production needs.