Cluny Strachan: Composer for Film and Television
"Cluny Strachan's score, oscillating between dreamy chorales of a Howard Skempton and the incessant rhythms of Goldie, bespeaks a composer who knows what he wants and is happy to plunder as many different types of music as he needs to get it." Robert Dawson Scott, The Guardian

Music at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh

Cluny Strachan performs 

A new piece for violin and sound score. 

3pm Friday 1, Saturday 2, Tuesday 5 June 2018 
at the Royal Scottish Academy, The Mound, Edinburgh. 

These performances coincide with Meadow; a sculpture and sound collaboration work with leading UK sculptor Doug Cocker RSA, currently being shown as part of the 192nd RSA Annual Exhibition. For more information click here

Ob-Doc Music – Ye’d Scarce Tell Wha Had Wan

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This soundtrack is one of a new thread in my work inspired by 4.1 Miles by Daphne Matziaraki, an observational documentary about a coast guard captain on a small Greek island who is suddenly charged with saving thousands of refugees from drowning at sea. The music by William Ryan Fritch and additional music by Thanos Mikroutsikos is exquisite, and well used.

Recent soundtracks selected for competition at The World Film and Music Festival Montreal.

“Waiting to say you’re ready” for orchestra, electric guitar, analogue bass & percussion’, from playlist ‘Modern Stigmata on the Outskirts of Town’ Cluny Strachan is an EMI and PRS Associate Composer developing works which draw from a wide range of influences and the wealth of high quality film and television music out there today. This playlist is a selection of pieces from various groups of soundtracks he has written over the last few months, some of which were selected to compete in the ‘Best film score for a yet-to-be produced film, or television programme’ competition category, at The World Film and Music Festival in Montreal this year.

Selected for World Film & Music Festival, Montreal.

“I Heard the Familiar Sounds”, for orchestra, analogue synthesizer, & percussion. One of 7 tracks in development. Tap to go to playlist.

November Film Music Tracks

“Waiting for You To Say You’re Ready”, for string orchestra, electric guitar, analogue bass, and percussion.
It is from a small collection of works in development titled ‘Modern Stigmata on the Outskirts of Town”.

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