Cluny Strachan: Composer for Film and Television
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"Cluny Strachan's score, oscillating between dreamy chorales of a Howard Skempton and the incessant rhythms of Goldie, bespeaks a composer who knows what he wants and is happy to plunder as many different types of music as he needs to get it." Robert Dawson Scott, The Guardian
Music and multimedia Education
Introduction and background to my teaching methods.
My passion for teaching and sharing my knowledge is inspired by principles inherent in good, sustainable professional arts, and media practice.  Central to this are the opportunities I have had in my own arts, and music education from studying violin at St Mary’s Music School to postgraduate study in composition with Sir James Macmillan, at the Royal Scottish Conservatoire. Learning how to learn has been fundamental to the way I was trained from a young age, and is fundamental to developing a skill.

My research and teaching film music composition, and the music history unit of a Middlesex University accredited degree course in Sound Production at the SAE Institute, has given me the opportunity to develop new ways of describing, and contextualising history, media, multimedia, the arts, and technique. Especially, in how they relate to contemporary practice, and the world today. 

I have been particularly interested in not only teaching from postmodern perspectives, but actually teaching what postmodernism is, and its impact on society, the arts, and the media, and how it influences commercial practices.

I am registered with Protecting Vulnerable Groups Scheme Disclosure Scotland.

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