Cluny Strachan: Composer for Film and Television
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"Cluny Strachan's score, oscillating between dreamy chorales of a Howard Skempton and the incessant rhythms of Goldie, bespeaks a composer who knows what he wants and is happy to plunder as many different types of music as he needs to get it." Robert Dawson Scott, The Guardian

The Devil take the Hindmost : Four Themes for Film & Television

October 7, 2016


This track is one of four new tracks which together show how my themes, musical motivations, and orchestration can build evocatively, ambiently, and dramatically, to animate the contexts of a filmed sequence over eight minutes.

Tap here to listen to the playlist.

I am developing works which draw from a wide range of influences, and a wealth of high quality film and television music out there today. I am combining classical, folk, pop, electronica and rock, to find a new originality. I like finding expressive extremes between my ideas and orchestrations, imagining either cut-to-picture sequences, or stories as my work develops.

I want to speak with Directors or those choosing music for a film or TV programme for interesting projects. Email: or call me on +44 (0)7884 325 198

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