Cluny Strachan: Composer for Film and Television
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"Cluny Strachan's score, oscillating between dreamy chorales of a Howard Skempton and the incessant rhythms of Goldie, bespeaks a composer who knows what he wants and is happy to plunder as many different types of music as he needs to get it." Robert Dawson Scott, The Guardian
This showcase is a selection of past work included in my PRS and EMI soundtrack catalogues, and hot off the press samples of new creative directions for your consideration.
I am available for work, and would be delighted to hear from you.
hot off the press
‘Modern Stigmata, On The Outskirts Of Town’. Four orchestral film music tracks inspired by Underworld by Don DeLillo.
Recent music for film & TV programme making for your consideration
These soundtracks are examples of my current work to develop new music for tv drama and documentary. They draw their influences from recent slow, tension building sound scores of high quality TV programmes and films such as The Imitation Game, Borgen, The Killing, The Bridge, Boss, and David Hare’s BBC2 spy thrillers Page Eight, Turks & Caicos, Salting The Battlefield and Page Eight.
Recent music for film & TV programme making for your consideration.
These tracks are examples of a series of works which explore contemporary action music and its instrumentation. I am looking forward to making more works in this direction that bring together the symphony orchestra with electric guitar and big fat electric basses. I am making soundtracks which develop combinations of these influences with hip pop, techno, and rock rhythms. I then interweave them with post production compositional techniques. This way I can explore different scales of expression from something intimate and human, to large symphonic scores of new extremes. I want to show how I can dynamically animate story across a wide range of expression and emotionally situation.
Discovery Networks Europe, Great Battles I & II
This is a selection of music from Great Battles, a 2 x 6 x 30′ IWC documentary series for Discovery Networks Europe. It has been repeated many times on around the world and has to date a total of 56,140 hits on youtube. Great Battles I & II tells the stories of various decisive battles throughout history. It is hosted by Crispin Swayne. The show recreates the passion and pain of each struggle and assesses its importance in British history. 
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Scotland’s Clans 3 x 6 x 40′ Mentorn documentary series for BBC 2
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Civil War, a 4 x 40′ IWC documentary for BBC 2.
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Channel 5, The Greatest Heroes in History
The Greatest Heroes in History, an IWC 7 x 40′ documentary series for Five.
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BBC1 Scotland, There’s Only One Craig Brown. 
A 1hr tribute documentary by IWC for BBC1 Scotland.
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